Freeze Dried Jackfruit

Freeze Dried Jackfruit


Everyone's favourite! Super scrumptious! The jackfruit is full of vitamins and helps with our digestive system.

Freeze dried fruits have all their nutrients locked in, retaining almost 99% of its shape, size and taste!


100% Jackfruit. 
All natural with no added sugar & nonsense.

Gluten-free & Vegan-friendly
HALAL & KOSHER certified
Packed in a resealable bag, for a handy snack pack on-the-go.


All our fruits are from Thailand and nowhere else!

Sourced from our supplier with their own farms in Thailand. Our freeze dried fruits are of premium quantity. Only the best fruits are chosen to become our freeze dried range. Our facilities are HACCP and GMP certified, with ISO22000 certification.

Net weight: 25G
Origin: Thailand
Validity: 18 months

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